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The iPhone 4S Battery Drain Problem Can Be Fixed

Category: Shopping | Date: November 8, 2011

For those who remember the problems with the iPhone 4, now there is a new crop of iPhones, the 4S, with some acknowledged problems by Apple. It is not the antenna this time, but the battery. Get a closer look at what is going on with the new iPhone 4S here in this short article.

Problems, problems, what would this world do without problems? The Apple company would probably make even more money if it were not for them. The current problem with the iPhone 4S is rather basic. The battery runs down too fast. This time there is not a Steve Jobs to tell the world, “You are holding it wrong!”. The good news is that Apple is aware of it and they are working on it. Until then, what can a good iPhone user do? Plenty.

You can turn off some things in the menus of your iPhone 4S to make the battery last longer. One is the automatic email checking feature. This is something that the iPhone does to check email at the prescribed frequency. If an user has plenty of emails to check, this may be pinging the 3G or Wi-Fi systems. This reaching out to the internet to retrieve emails can be turned down or shut off in the settings of the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Battery Drain

There are quite a few people who are complaining about the quick drain on their iPhone 4S battery. The battery life is apparently for those who have upgraded to iOS 5. Apple has confirmed that this is the problem. Does that mean you need to regress back to iOS 4? Not necessarily. There is a setting with GPS that may be the culprit. Getting rid of many of the automatic pinging features like the one mentioned above will certainly help. But it looks like some people have nailed down the problem.

The iPhone 4S with the iOS 5 mobile operating system will check out which time zone the phone is in many times, as in nearly constantly. If you can imagine constantly hitting the “refresh” button on your web page, this is something close to what is going on. The steady contacting of the GPS satellites is also steadinly draining the battery. This is fixable. Going into the menus of the iPhone 4S will bring a user to the settings, then to the location settings and finally the “Setting Time Zone”. Turning it off will be another breath of relief from the battery.

The time zone setting adjustment works for many people with this iPhone 4S battery drain problem. It is still not the end of the list of things that can be turned off to conserve the battery. The iPhone can be searching out nearby Wi-Fi hot spots as well. It can do it automatically. Getting this feature into the manual mode, that is, turning off the constant searching for a Wi-Fi signal will yet again make the battery last a bit longer in the iPhone 4S. One of the best things a user can do is learn how their iPhone 4S works and these nagging problems can be dealt with.