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How to track your cryptocurrency portfolio

Category: Business | Date: November 26, 2022

Most cryptocurrency investors own at least a dozen coins and tokens and over time this number keeps increasing. These coins and tokens may belong to different blockchain networks and investors may hold these on different exchanges and wallets. Keep a track of these investments that are held in different wallets and exchanges can become a grueling task. This is where a crypto portfolio tracking service comes into the picture.

A crypto portfolio tracking service integrates the different exchanges and wallets of the user. These services fetch the latest balance automatically on a daily basis and display a consolidated view of the investors’ portfolio. FusedFolio is one such service that integrates with more than 50 networks and several exchanges. The service accurately displays the latest value of the user’s crypto investment. By using a service like FusedFolio, investors no longer need to log into multiple exchanges to get the values of all the coins and tokens that are held there. Nor do they need to keep a track of multiple wallets.

Using FusedFolio, they can just add all their exchanges and wallets to their account. From there, the service will automatically take care of the rest. Here are some screenshots of the service.

A screenshot of the network wallets of a user on FusedFolio
A screenshot of the exchanges of a user on FusedFolio
A screenshot of the Portfolio Dashboard on FusedFolio